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If you are looking to get the needed certifications to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois then these are the classes you need. Illinois requires 16 hours of training, proficiency in shooting, and knowledge of the Illinois concealed carry law.  Come to County Line Shooting Center for your Concealed carry class.  Learn here and practice here.  If you have already taken your class please come out and keep those new found skills honed and ready.  Remember it is not what you learn but how much you practice.  Build those Muscle Memory skills.  We also offer the 3 hour refresher concealed carry classes.


In addition to Concealed carry training we are offering basic firearm training.  If you or someone you know has purchased their first firearm, a new type of firearm, or just wants to try their hand at the shooting sports come see us for your training needs.  These classes will be offered on a need basis and will be offered in a group or individual format.  Please contact us for any private classes you would like to set up.

Hunter Safety Course

We at County Line are working to keep offering the Hunter Safety courses as often as possible.  We have a Team of Very good instructors (Don Williamson, Andy Courson and Mike Bowman).  These guys make the class fun and they all have lots of experience.  We Love to offer these classes so the kids and other new hunters have the opportunity to learn the safety aspects of the hunting world.  We offer a safe and worry free class for our new hunters.  You can feel free to contact the range and we will let you know about any available Classes.  These classes are on a first come basis so please contact us at 217-240-2424 to sign up.

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